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Autumn Magic on the Mineral Belt

We think all seasons are beautiful on the Mineral Belt Trail but there is no denying that autumn hits it out of the park with her golden aspens, blue skies, and, if you are lucky, snow capped peaks in the background. Wow!

The Phyllis Hakala MBT Fall Tour:

Every year in September, during the fall scenery season, the county makes an exception to the "no motorized vehicles rule" and allows a caravan of motorized vehicles on the Mineral Belt Trail to allow senior citizens, people with physical difficulties, and those who do not want to bike or walk the trail the opportunity to observe the spectacular scenery.

Thank you, as always, to Leadville Today for the beautiful photos capturing the 2016 fall tour!

#autumn #leadville #lakecounty #mineralbelttrail #falltour #aspens #2016

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