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We LOVE our Leadville Loppet racers, fans, sponsors, and volunteers!

Start of the 2017 Leadville Loppet 10K Race

WOW! The 2017 Leadville Loppet was amazing! Thank you to all of the racers, support crews, fans, sponsors, and (especially) the volunteers that helped make this annual fundraiser for the Mineral Belt Trail an incredible success. We couldn't have done it without YOU, and YOU, and YOU!

If you have photos from any aspect of race day that you would like to share with us (and the world) please send them to us through the "contact" us link on our website:

We are creating an on-line photo gallery for the 2017 Leadville Loppet and we would love for your pictures to be part of it!

Also, check our website out for links to the 2017 Leadville Loppet Race Results!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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