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We LOVE our volunteers! The trail benefits from year-round upkeep and maintenance, and there are many ways you can donate with your time. Whether it's for a clean-up day, an event, or to help with marketing and outreach, volunteers are vital and invaluable to The Mineral Belt Trail.

The Mineral Belt Trail is an 11.6 mile all-season non-motorized ADA accessible route with numerous trailheads and access points. The trail meanders through the historic Leadville Mining District, offers unsurpassed views of the Sawatch and Mosquito ranges, and pours forth a wondrous, authentic experience only found in Leadville, Colorado. The trail is designed for bicycles, walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, in-line skaters and  long-boarders. Wintertime enthusiasts will find a snow-groomed loop - inviting freestyle and classic Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and winter biking.

Find our volunteer opportunities below! 

Volunteer Opportunities

Trail Cleanup Days

Volunteers will provide assistance on pre-scheduled dates to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the trail, addressing potential hazards. Each section of the trail will be assigned to multiple volunteers who will collect and leave full trash bags at the end of their respective sections for future collection. This seasonal cleanup initiative is expected to take place approximately three times throughout the year.

Trail Maintenance

The maintenance and repair efforts for the trail will encompass various tasks, including patching pavement, installing new signage as needed, fixing kiosks and historic signs, ensuring the upkeep of trail striping, and incorporating additional safety features whenever feasible. These activities aim to preserve and enhance the condition of the trail, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for its users.

Improvement Projects

We are actively engaged in projects aimed at enhancing the trail to surpass its current state. Among the long-term major ideas are the implementation of three loops to extend the trail's length and incorporate more mining history, as well as exploring alternative methods to minimize the need for crossing HWY 24. These initiatives seek to improve the trail's overall experience and provide users with additional mileage and intriguing historical insights.

Special Events

Volunteers will be sought to assist in organizing and executing special events hosted by various organizations on the trail. These events will require dedicated individuals to ensure their successful implementation.

The Loppet

The Leadville Loppet, a significant annual event on the trail, takes place in February and serves as a major source of revenue. The success of this race relies heavily on the participation of numerous volunteers, who can contribute in various capacities, such as advertising the event, assisting at the start/finish area, marking the trail with signage, being stationed along the race route, managing aid stations, providing food and refreshments, organizing the awards presentation, cleaning the gymnasium post-race, and dismantling and storing signage. Your support in any of these tasks would be greatly appreciated.

All Opportunities

This category is for those of you who are willing and able to work at any task that may come up.

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